2018 m. sausio 9 d., antradienis

Lousada - Late Tuesday picture - 1

Late Tuesday picture.
  Work slowly, different than I expected. But, any way, want to be accurate as possible here...
Never say that you never do it again. He, he, I'm talking not about sex or drinking. After I finish work on Fernet, I think it will my last work on SSS configuration track. Seems not. When I was creator of WRC sesone tournament, I always missing short super special track with mixed (gravel and tarmac) surfaces. Yes we have Sosnova, but its lenghts, too long, compare with real WRC stages, so I decided fix this issue :D
So, I found this fun to drive, stage from real WRC event - Lousada.
One big problem I found here, no precise elevation data (as always). Good I found this track on new version of WRC 7 game, by the way I found it very fun fot driving, I recomment to try it too. I rip elevation data from this stage, sorry "bigben". But of course it was not too much accurate too :). Now Try fix it via real onboard camera...

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  1. Very very good!!! great stuff! By the way, I notice some heavy frame drops in the first sector of Carvalho de Rei 1. I hope this stage has better fps optimization. (the thing is I use a VR headset, with the need for 90+fps to run smooth)

    1. You know RBR is old engine and don't have optimisation for VR stuff. By the way if you have some FPS drops, I recommend jump to pause and little wait until will rise up and back to game. Usualy its helping me in the same situation...